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Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

For the vast majority of adults, divorce is an unsettling experience, and it is even more so for children involved in the process. Although it is usually the case that prior to a marital breakdown two adults have grown apart, a child never grows out of the need to feel safe and loved by both parents. In a challenging situation such as divorce, a young child needs extra support and reassurance.

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How to Get Out of an Abusive Relationship

Did you know that almost 20 people are being abused by their partner every minute in the U.S.? Abuse includes not only physical violence and sexual assault but also psychological manipulations that cause depression and anxiety among the victims. Approximately every third American woman and every fourth American man suffers from the above types of abuse accompanied by stalking and rape.

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How to Tell People You're Getting a Divorce

You may think that your divorce is your personal matter, an issue that’s just between you and your spouse. However, we all live as embedded units in a broader community. Were it not for society at large, we would not need to register a union between two individuals. Society affects our relationship to a certain extent. In return, it expects that we comply with its written and unspoken rules – particularly, the sanctity of marriage. Hence, people want to know about the marital status of other people.

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How To Save A Marriage On The Brink Of Divorce

With the accelerating rate of divorces, many have begun to lament the ultimate loss of the family as a concept. The divorce rate aside, a great many people still see tremendous value in the family and, finding themselves on the brink of divorce, want to do their best to prevent the breakdown of their marriage.

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I Want a Divorce But My Wife Doesn't

There are so many reasons why a husband might want to divorce a wife. However, it can get complicated at times because there are two people who are taking part in the process of separation, and sometimes a spouse might simply be unwilling to end the marriage. What should you do if you want a divorce but your wife doesn't?

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Being Alone After Divorce: Why It’s OK and Tips on How to Enjoy It

A good therapist is always a great help in sorting through ambivalent and conflicting emotions, as well as feelings and fears linked to loneliness and sadness. Before you decide whether to consult a therapist, or before you find the time to attend a therapist’s office, you can start dealing with your loneliness right now.

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9 Signs Your Husband Wants a Divorce (And What to Do?)

Women pride themselves with having great intuition more than men. Men pride themselves on being strong and nonemotional. When it comes to wits, it’s never the best idea to combat them. And women, remember that you are not a mind reader essentially and can potentially do more harm than good in your marriage.

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15+1 Personality Traits That Will Likely Lead to Divorce

Divorce is something that people who are getting engaged and married try not to think about. Yet it happens to many. There is no way anyone would start a family with the thought of getting divorced; everybody wants to “live happily ever after”. But chances are it could turn out in a completely different way. Why is that? Is it just bad luck, or are the two spouses simply not a match? Or is there something more?

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Getting Back With Your Ex Husband After Divorce

Are you thinking about dating your ex-husband after divorce? Or do you already find yourself in a relationship with the person you split up with? Naturally, you might be puzzled because your marriage didn't work and yet you are suddenly attracted to each other as though you’ve just met.

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