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How To Save A Marriage On The Brink Of Divorce

With the accelerating rate of divorces, many have begun to lament the ultimate loss of the family as a concept. The divorce rate aside, a great many people still see tremendous value in the family and, finding themselves on the brink of divorce, want to do their best to prevent the breakdown of their marriage.

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I Want a Divorce But My Wife Doesn't

There are so many reasons why a husband might want to divorce a wife. However, it can get complicated at times because there are two people who are taking part in the process of separation, and sometimes a spouse might simply be unwilling to end the marriage. What should you do if you want a divorce but your wife doesn't?

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Being Alone After Divorce: Why It’s OK and Tips on How to Enjoy It

A good therapist is always a great help in sorting through ambivalent and conflicting emotions, as well as feelings and fears linked to loneliness and sadness. Before you decide whether to consult a therapist, or before you find the time to attend a therapist’s office, you can start dealing with your loneliness right now.

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