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Military Divorce in California

When one or both spouses is in the military or a member of the Armed Forces, there are additional rules for obtaining a divorce in the state of California. There are specific military divorce rules that govern these cases, which must be followed in order to get your divorce case approved by the court.
If you are ready to file your military divorce in California, this article will provide answers to your questions and can be used as a military divorce guide. This article will cover topics such as filing and serving procedures, division of property, child custody, the determination of alimony, and available benefits.

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Military Divorce in Texas

Military divorce in Texas differs from civilian marriage dissolution in some unique ways. While the Texas Family Code governs most issues, several exceptions and additions apply to active duty members. Also, rules for different military branches can slightly vary. For example, a divorce in the army, navy, or air forces may have various provisions for calculating alimony or child support.

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