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  • You can freely research the divorce court records in Livonia.
  • Each court of Livonia has forms for different cases.
  • The court filing fee may vary depending on your case.
  • In Livonia, the terms of the divorce depend on the case complexity.
  • The Livonia divorce process may differ in most of the cases.

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File for divorce with an attorney
From $2500
  • The hourly fee of an attorney often exceeds the court's filing fee
  • Any extra service has to be paid and takes time depending on how busy your attorney is
  • Lawyers fill out county divorce forms by hand so it takes more time and more money out of your pocket
  • Any lawyer can make a mistake in certain county divorce documents
  • Completing county divorce papers usually takes a week or more
  • Free on-demand support isn't available
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  • One-time flat fee
  • Outstanding free customer support 24/7
  • Download your completed divorce documents from your personal account in PDF-format
  • All the documents are 100% accurate
  • The documents are ready within 1-2 days
  • Personalized approach to every divorce case
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File for divorce with other sites
From $149 till $999
  • The information about county filing fees is not accurate
  • Additional hidden fees are charged increasing the total cost of an uncontested divorce in
  • divorce forms preparation may take weeks
  • Customer support during business hours, quality varies
  • The instructions for filing for divorce in may be confusing and hard-to-follow
  • The county court may not approve the forms as they may be outdated or contain mistakes

Divorce Online in Livonia, Michigan

Nowadays, many couples prefer to arrange their divorce without attorneys, choosing the so-called “do-it-yourself” option for divorce. Representing your interests before the court on your own (pro se legal representation) is technically allowed in Livonia, Michigan. However, when we dive deep into the process, filing for divorce often turns out to be more complicated than it seemed. There are numerous court requirements and terms in every county and city, and these terms may differ slightly from statewide rules. Moreover, some of the divorce papers you need may differ from those provided on the state judicial branch’s website.
As a result, this process, which was initially supposed to be more comfortable and affordable than a conventional divorce, now becomes confusing and fraught with trouble. The spouses realize that, without a lawyer, they alone bear responsibility for the success of the divorce. This raises a lot of questions; people wonder where and how to get the relevant divorce forms, what the process of filing for divorce in Livonia City actually is, and, of course, how much an uncontested divorce costs.

Here Online Divorce comes into play…

Uncontested Divorce in Livonia City, Michigan offers quick and professional preparation of divorce paperwork, always tailored to the nuances of the particular case.

We are eager to break negative stereotypes about online divorce. If your divorce case is uncontested, you are a great candidate for online divorce – even if you have children or property, it can work for you. In other words, if the spouses’ desire to arrange an amicable, uncontested divorce is mutual, they really can execute this without an attorney, saving time and money while not sacrificing the quality and legitimacy of their paperwork.

How does it work?


To register on the, customers must complete a short questionnaire and provide data about their location, and specifics of the case. With this information, OnlineDivorce can select the correct set of divorce papers for Livonia City residents.


Along with local rules and requirements, we take into account all the fine-print details that may determine which forms are necessary for your divorce proceeding. Although doesn't provide legal advice, our customer support is aimed to help you through the online documents preparation process so that a) you get your completed paperwork, and b) the court approves it.


Here is the best part: online divorce saves you time and money. You spend about 20 minutes on the questionnaire, submit your divorce case details and we prepare your customized divorce documents as required by the courts. With, you can rest assured that all the forms will be completed and ready to be signed within two business days, all for just $139.00. Compared to the prices of lawyers, you can save thousands of dollars on completing your divorce forms online.


The subsequent process of getting a divorce is the same as it is for people completing the paperwork offline. The spouse who initiates the divorce must submit the completed forms to an appropriate court. However, our customers usually notice that they spent much less time in the clerk's office and court than those who filled out the forms unassisted. There were no mistakes in their papers, and as such there was no need to redo parts or fill out missing forms. This is another advantage for those who can't stand lines and bureaucracy, and want to simplify the divorce process as much as possible.

The truth is that no one is immune to hard times. If your marriage has broken down, find people who try to look at divorce not as a tragedy, but as a natural consequence of our human right to marry freely, and who prefer to divorce in a modern and civilized way. Let's make difficult times a bit easier, let's move forward without stress-filled battles in court, and let's spend that saved money on something more pleasant for us or for our children.

Getting your documents prepared for filing for divorce in Livonia, Michigan has never been as easy, fast, and cheap as it is now – with the help of