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If you wish to divide retirement assets
in or after a divorce, you need a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO).


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Why do I need a QDRO?

A “QDRO” refers to the court order needed to divide retirement benefits in divorce. Unlike other community or marital property, retirement plans are not automatically divided.

Even if your divorce judgement states how the retirement is divided between the parties, it will not actually be divided unless you have a QDRO. A QDRO is required during or even after a divorce is final.

A QDRO can also be used to collect alimony or child support.

We have partnered with QDRO Counsel to help our clients get a reliable and fair division of retirement assets.

QDROCounsel is founded and backed by nationally recognized QDRO and Valuation experts as well as a team of business and technology experts. This powerful combination of skills, knowledge and leadership changes how pension division is handled in the United States. Easily, Fairly, Accurately.

What QDROCounsel can do for you:

Create your QDRO(s)
Get it pre-approved
Help you through the QDRO process
When divorcing, the only way to get the money paid from one spouse’s retirement account to the other spouse is with a QDRO. Simply stating that the spouse is awarded a community or marital property interest in a retirement asset will not divide the benefit.

How QDROCounsel works


QDROCounsel collects basic information, such as date of marriage, name of employer, and plan name.


QDROCounsel generates a QDRO based on the information provided by the parties and plan administrator.


For an additional fee, QDROCounsel will value your retirement benefit and help you through the QDRO process.

QDRO Preparation Services

Preparing a QDRO on your own is possible, but it is complicated and it is not enforceable if the QDRO is not prepared correctly. A QDRO is specific to each plan and can be confusing. QDROCounsel’s preparation service helps handle this overwhelming process for the clients.

Have your QDRO Drafted with
Complete Confidence
Backed by Nationally Recognized
QDRO & Valuation Experts
Divide your Retirement Today!
Easy, Fast, & Accurate

Product cost

With QDROCounsel you can forget about fee schedules, hourly billings, retainers, contingency fees and ballpark estimates. With the upfront pricing, you always know what you’ll pay.

Need more time or information to decide?

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check QDRO Drafting, per plan - $250.00 $550.00
check Plan Preapproval (optional) - $50.00 $100.00
QDROCounsel sets out to provide an unparalleled resource for the parties, divorce and financial professionals to divide retirement benefits easily, fairly and accurately.