What Is a Will and Why Do You Need it in a Divorce
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What Is a Will and Why Do You Need it in a Divorce

Protect Your Property & Rights by Updating Your Will

  • An outdated Will can become a headache for loved ones left behind.
  • If your ex-spouse isn’t removed, they may stand to inherit everything.
  • Control who gets what instead of your closest surviving relative becoming the default beneficiary.
  • Have a say in what happens to your children when you’re gone.
  • In a health emergency, you can control who makes decisions for you.

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What Is a Will and Why Do You Need it in a Divorce

Protecting one's property and rights is a familiar battleground during the divorce process. Dealing with child custody and division of marital assets often takes a lot of time and effort, even if the spouses arrange a simple, uncontested process. Yet, a crucial detail regarding custody and property is often overlooked due to a weak understanding of the subject. We are talking about a Will. We want to shed light on why you should make or change a Will and how OnlineDivorce.com can help you deal with this issue.

A Will is a significant matter a person should consider while preparing for the divorce process. Although many people believe that the dissolution procedure revokes or amends their previously written Will, this assumption is wrong. The fact is that ignoring the necessity of a Will may cause severe consequences for the divorcee's assets and property.

Why it is worth redoing the Will immediately after the divorce

  • If a person already has a Will, divorce does not revoke it. Instead, the Will written during the marriage remains valid, but this document considers the ex-spouse similar to if they were dead. Such a case may fall under the rules of intestacy, meaning that how the property shall be divided can be determined by the rules of intestacy instead of by the provisions of the Will. Judges or state officials may have broad discretion to distribute the disputed property.
  • Divorce does not make a Will made before the marriage valid. The rules of intestacy may apply unless a current Will defines who gets what in the event of the spouse's death.
  • Absence of a relevant Will may affect the person's current plans regarding giving an inheritance to other family members, children from a new marriage/relationship, etc.
  • A new Will allows divorcing parents to independently decide who should get custody of their child, basing their consideration on the relevant circumstances that take place after the breakdown of the marriage.
  • A Will makes receiving an inheritance more straightforward, even if the inheritor was eligible for the same share under the rules of intestacy.

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How OnlineDivorce can help

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OnlineDivorce reviews

Glenn M.

Glenn M.

I didn’t even know how important it was to rewrite the will when I was getting my divorce. It turned out that if I hadn’t done it, my property would have been divided according to the existing one. Luckily, OnlineDivorce informed me of possible complications and offered an easy solution.

Michelle B.

Michelle B.

For a long time, I didn’t care much about the will. However, when I asked myself who would receive custody of my child if something happens to me, I realized how critical it was. Thanks to OnlineDivorce, I received the relevant will forms and managed to settle this matter.

Cassie A.

Cassie A.

When my husband and I decided to get divorced, I knew that I needed to write a new will. OnlineDivorce not only helped me prepare my divorce documents but also provided me with the will forms and instructions. It’s great that you can do both things on the same platform! Such a time-saving tool!

Drake B.

Drake B.

I knew how the inheritance procedure worked, but I wanted to make this process even easier. So I decided to write a will. Imagine my surprise when I found out that there was no need to go somewhere to do it. I just answered several questions on OnlineDovirce and got my document.

Rebekka P.

Rebekka P.

With OnlineDivorce, I prepared my will in 15 minutes. My friend, who decided to hire a lawyer, spent 3 days. I am sure that this time can be spent on something that brings you more pleasure.

Shawn S.

Shawn S.

Property division takes a lot of energy, and I didn’t want my children to deal with this issue. The OnlineDivorce platform helped me prepare my will, and now it’s my decision who gets what and how much. Moreover, it turned out to be quite easy, fast, and reasonably priced.