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How to get divorce in Wyoming

Online Divorce provides qualitative and approved by the court Wyoming divorce papers. The information below may help to understand more about the divorce in Wyoming. Onlinedivorce.com provides quick and inexpensive services of online divorce in Wyoming. 

Below there are common steps of how to get a divorce in Wyoming:


As in most states, the main condition for divorce is the fact that marriage is recognized as legal in the eyes of Wyoming law. In other words, the marriage was made in accordance with the rules of the state. 


Spouses must comply with the state's requirements for residence, in other words, be residents of Wyoming.


The couple must have grounds, because of which they want to dissolve the marriage. The state of Wyoming makes it possible for couples to divorce on the assumption of irreconcilable differences or the frenzy of one of the spouses, which is quite convenient, since one does not have to prove the fault of his or her spouse and take out their dirty laundry for court consideration.


It is very good if the spouses are still willing to compromise and solve common problems, in which case they can get a simpler and faster form of divorce instead of spending their lives on difficult litigations. If the couple is ready to discuss and come to a common decision regarding all the key points of their divorce, then the spouses have the right to administer an uncontested divorce in Wyoming.


Regardless of the type of divorce, all couples go through the divorce form documents preparation process. This is one of the most crucial steps in the process of preparing for divorce, since the decision of the court will depend on the proper papers. Onlinedivorce.com is an easy and affordable way to prepare all the necessary papers. It may help to save money and time. Online Divorce can help to pick up all the needed Wyoming divorce papers and fill them out in according to state requirements.


After the divorce forms are ready, they must be filed in the court. And the copies must be sent to the non-filing spouse (unless the spouses filed for divorce jointly).


After submitting the documents to the court, the spouses should be ready to wait at least 20 days before the court appoints the hearing.


The Plaintiff (the spouse who files for divorce) must reside in Wyoming for at least 60 days prior to filing a claim with the court, and it does not matter in which state the Respondent (the spouse who does not file for divorce) lives. If both spouses are residents of Wyoming, then they can file a claim in the county where somebody of them lives.

If a couple is married in Wyoming and lived in the state during the whole marriage before filing a lawsuit in court, then for such spouses there are no special requirements for the residence.

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Valid grounds to get divorce in Wyoming

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If the spouses want to get a divorce, they must have grounds for this, which the spouses must provide to the court. Grounds can only be those that are established by state law. Thus, a divorce in the state of Wyoming can be obtained due to the fact that:


The spouses faced irreconcilable differences and could no longer maintain marital relations. This reason refers to no-fault grounds;


One of the spouses suffers from a severe form of insanity and was on continuous treatment in a special medical institution for at least 2 years before filing a suit in court. This reason refers to the fault grounds, as the court will want to hear the testimonies of two competent experts on the prospects of a sick spouse.

Please note that the above reasons are only suitable for couple of different sexes. It means that the state of Wyoming does not recognize same-sex marriage, and the couple who are in such relationships will not be able to get a divorce, based on Wyoming law.

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Custody of the child in Wyoming

Custody of the child

When a couple is divorced in Wyoming, one of the main issues is custody of minor children, if such are available in marriage. The court is faced with the task of distributing guardianship in such a way that the best interests of the child are realized. Thus, the court can appoint as legal guardianship, when one or both parents will take into account in making important decisions regarding the upbringing of the child, as well as physical custody, in which one or both parents will be responsible for the place of residence of the child.

Also, the court decision should ensure the maximum frequent contact of the parent and minor child, if this corresponds to his or her best conditions for birthing. In doing so, the court will consider many factors that have developed in the family, such as the relationship between the child and the parents, the ability of each parent to meet the child's needs, the health and mental performance of all the parties involved, as well as the presence of domestic violence or ill-treatment in family.

Rules for child support in Wyoming

After the decision on custody has been taken, the court must also assign the amount of financial support to minor children, which is calculated on the basis of the state child support guidelines. The amount is calculated based on the number of underage children and the amount of the parents' monthly income. Usually a parent who does not have guardianship rights pays more than the spouse who is the primary custodian.

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Rules for spousal support in Wyoming

Rules for spousal support

With a divorce in Wyoming, the court can award alimony (or what is also called matrimonial support) to one of the spouses, if the court finds that the spouse really needs it. The main rule of awarding alimony is that they can be payed only in favor of the spouse who is really in a difficult financial situation, provided that the spouse-payer has the opportunity to meet the needs of his or her partner. Thus, alimony does not depend on gender differences, any spouse can file an application for awarding him or her financial assistance. At the same time, the reasons for divorce is not affect on the amount and duration of payments.

Alimony can be appointed from the beginning of the divorce process, so that the spouse can cover his or her expenses for the dissolution of the marriage or be paid after the divorce is granted within a certain period of time. In this case, there is no calculator for the amount of support. The court makes a decision on the basis of his analysis of the financial situation of the requesting spouse, as well as ability of the spouse-payer to provide support to his or her former partner. Alimony can be paid for a certain period of time, or until the spouse-recipient enters into another marriage or dies.

Property division in Wyoming

Property division

Speaking about divorce in Wyoming, it is worth mentioning one of the most important points - the division of property. The court is always guided by the rule, that the common property of the couple must be divided fairly. It means that the property will be divided in such a way that it is fair with respect to all financial consequences of divorce. However, at the same time, before the start of legal proceedings, the couple can agree on what exactly is a fair division for both of them, if the spouses are willing to cooperate and both have the same vision regarding the division of property, the court will support their decision.

When dividing the asset, it is important to determine which property is common and which is separate. Common property is everything that what was acquired by the spouses during the marriage, as well as certain types of separate property that were used for the sake of marriage. Separate property is what was acquired by the spouse before marriage and was used exclusively in his or her interests. To a separate property can also belong anything that has passed into the possession of the spouse by giving or inheriting. Please note that during the divorce in Wyoming, the court can only divide the common property after the dissolution of the marriage, the separate property remains in the ownership of the spouse to whom it originally belonged.

In Wyoming, there are no hard criteria by which the court determines how to divide the common property. Thus, the set of factors that need to be analyzed is unique for each marriage. Nevertheless, the law obliges judges to consider all the conditions and prospects that each spouse will face after the divorce, including salary, insurance, medical care and costs for raising a child.

Divorce without a lawyer in Wyoming

Cases, when a divorce is made without the participation of a lawyer, are called Pro Se Divorce, it is a Latin expression that translates as "on her or his own". A divorce without the participation of a lawyer is completely legal and is subject to execution in any state. If the spouses have come to the agreement of a division of property and custody of children, then it may be rather convenient to initiate the Pro Se Divorce.

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Divorce forms in Wyoming

In order to begin the process of divorce all the necessary Wyoming divorce papers must be prepared.
The most common are ‘Complaint’, ’Summons’ and ‘Confidential Financial Affidavit’. Additional divorce forms and documents may be required depending on the county where the lawsuit occurs.

Uncontested divorce in Wyoming

Uncontested divorce in Wyoming

Divorce is always a legal process, but quite often it can be accompanied by nervous breakdowns, battles of spouses in court and depletion of bank accounts. Probably everyone knows a colleague, relative or acquaintance, who passed through a divorce, which lasted for years. The state of Wyoming takes care of its citizens, so it allows couples to get a faster and cheaper type of divorce, which is called the uncontested divorce in Wyoming. This is a very good solution for many couples willing to compromise and hear each other. The essence of the uncontested divorce is that the spouses agree on all the key points of their divorce and are ready to cooperate in solving problems. And it does not matter whether the couple have underage children or not, the main thing is that the spouses come to a common agreement on their disputes. To be eligible to get an uncontested divorce, there must be an agreement on all the key points of divorce, which include:

  • Custody of common underage children, as well as visiting hours, if children are in the family;
  • The amount of monthly financial support for minor children, insurance costs, dental care, as well as other major items of expenditure that may arise in the process of raising a child;
  • If the couple has a common property, then it should be described how the spouses want to divide it after the divorce;
  • Separation of assets and debts;
  • The amount of monthly matrimonial support;
  • Any other issues that may arise in the process of divorce;

All decisions on key divorce issues must be documented and filed with the court together with the Wyoming divorce papers.

Please note that if at least one of the disputable issues remains unresolved, then the divorce will be considered contested, which means that all disputes will be resolved in a judicial procedure. 

The basic forms for divorce in Wyoming are:

  • "Civil Cover Sheet"
  • "Vital Statistics Form"
  • "Complaint for Divorce" signed by plaintiff.
  • "Summons" signed by plaintiff.
  • "Proof of Service of Spouse" sheriff's return of service or acceptance of service.
  • "Confidential Statement of Parties for Child Support Order" if the parties have children.
  • "Confidential Financial Affidavit".
  • "Affidavit of Divorce Without Appearance of Parties".
  • "Decree of Divorce".
  • "Order for Income Withholding".
  • "Income Withholding for Support".
  • "Decree of Divorce".

Onlinedivorce.com offers the help with Wyoming divorce papers preparation in order to make an uncontested divorce easy and affordable as possible.

After the divorce form documents are filed, the spouses will need to wait at least 20 days from the date of filing the petition before the court appoints the first hearing. If the papers are prepared correctly, the court may grant a divorce at the first hearing.

How to serve divorce papers in Wyoming

The term "serving" documents for divorce means delivering the copies of Wyoming divorce papers from the Petitioner to the Respondent after the forms were filed in the court. This is a mandatory condition of the state and introduced to ensure that the spouse had the opportunity to read the documents.

Serving the divorce paperwork is possible in several authorized ways:

  • Handing over the papers personally. The served spouse must sign "Acknowledgment and Acceptance of Service", indicating that he or she has received all necessary documents. This receipt will also need to be transferred to the court.
  • Hiring Deputy Sheriff, who may transfer all the necessary divorce forms and documents to the Respondent.
  • Service by publication (if the Respondent can't be located).
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Filing fees for divorce in Wyoming

Court filing fees are in addition to the cost of using OnlineDivorce.com. This cost may vary by county. Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount.