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Online Divorce provides qualitative and approved by the court Puerto Rico divorce forms. The information below will help you understand more about the divorce in Puerto Rico.



If you want to apply for a divorce in Puerto Rico, then you or your spouse must live on the territory of the state for one year before filing the documents.


Valid Grounds to get divorce

There are many reasons why couples want to formalize a divorce, but the main ones are: abuse in the family or violence, alcohol or drug abuse of one of the spouses, an uncharacteristic psychological illness, adultery, long separation of spouses. Keep in mind that the grounds on which you are applying for divorce should have occurred either in the territory of Puerto Rico, or while one of the spouses lived on the territory of the state.

However, if both spouses agree to a divorce, then you can apply on the basis of irretrievable breakdown of the marriage ", or" irreconcilable differences ".


Custody of the Child

In Puerto Rico, a court can award both Legal Custody and Physical Custody. In the first case, it means that the parent who received the care will take a life-saving decision for the child, for example, which school the child goes to, his religion or medical insurance. According to the laws of the state, even if you receive this kind of custody, you do not need to live with the child all the time.

The second kind of guardianship means by itself that the child will live with a parent who will make decisions only regarding the child's daily affairs. Similarly, the parent does not have the right to make vital decisions for the child as in the first case.

However, there are situations in which the court appoints a non-parent to the guardian of the child. This situation occurs if the court found out that the parent is not suitable for raising a child.


Rules for Child Support

Support for children in the state of Puerto Rico is regulated by a model called "income shares". This model operates in many states and is designed to accurately determine the cost of maintaining the child after the parents' divorce, to enable the child to live in the same conditions under which he lived while the parents were together.

Below are a number of factors that can significantly affect the amount of support:

1) incomes of parents

2) the amount required to meet the basic needs of the child

3) the presence of any other minor children in the care of their parents

4) expenses of parents


Rules for Spousal Support

The court can award alimony to one of the spouses, if after the divorce, he is unable to support himself. However, if a spouse in need of financial support re-marries, the payment of alimony is terminated.


Mediation Support

Mediation is an extrajudicial process that assists couples to settle all disagreements about categorizing property and custody of a child before the case goes to court. Courts of the Puerto Rican state do their utmost to encourage couples to use the services of intermediaries during the divorce, as this will save considerable time, which will lead to a quick and less traumatic divorce.


Divorce Forms in Puerto Rico

Find divorce forms online for the state of Puerto Rico is not easy, because not all the papers are freely available. Also keep in mind that the divorce forms that you need to fill out will depend on the circumstances of your divorce.

Many couples will prefer to use the services of Online Divorce, as we provide all forms online that are needed for your specific case, we also guarantee that your documents will be filled correctly, in accordance with the requirements of the state. This will greatly help you save time, money and nerves during your divorce.