Life After Divorce
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Next Chapter: Life After Divorce With Laura Wasser

This empowering and informative series will teach you exactly what you need to know as you make peace with your past and embark upon your next chapter

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Getting through a divorce requires support. Support from friends and familyis great, but it doesn’t replace a professional. In this comprehensive series, Laura Wasser will share valuable insights from over 20 years of practicein family law and divorce proceedings. She will bring together renowned experts from various industries to make your post-divorce phase easierand help move into the next chapter of your life.

Laura's guest experts will cover such topics as well-being, financial planning, psychology, career, dating, and sex after divorce. Thus, the series is filled with practical, versatile advice applicable in everyday life and useful tools for finding and accepting a new version of yourself.

What the Video Series Offers

5 modules of 12 segments containing two and a half hours of in-depth and helpful information.

Advice and guidance on all aspects of the post-divorce stage from 12 leading expertsin various fields.

A comprehensive set of topics: physical and mental well-being, financial planning and independence, restoration of spiritual balance, relationships and intimacy after divorce, and much more.

Mindfulness practices, self-awareness tools,and meditations for inner harmony and tranquilit.

Online Workbook with practical exercises for consolidationof knowledge and Journalto complete them.

An intensive step-by-step programfor careful introspection, overcoming destructive behavior, and getting rid of unsuccessful life and family scenarios.

Main Speaker

Laura Wasser

Distinguished Hollywood divorce lawyer, successful entrepreneur, author of books, recognized as one of the best lawyers by the California Daily Journal and best female attorneys by the Los Angeles Magazine Super Lawyers, and winner of the Brady Center Advocate Award, Zephyr M. Ramsey Award, and Century City Chamber of Commerce Women of Achievement Award.

Laura's list of world-famous clients includes but is not limited to Angelina Jolie, Jimmy Iovine, Jennifer Garner, Gwen Stefani, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, and Heidi Klum.

“There is probably no such thing as a good divorce, but clinging to an old idea of how relationships are unraveled can make a bad thing even worse.”

Laura knows firsthand about the emotions, thoughts, fears, and experiences of divorcees and wants to help people who have just decided to take this fateful step to go through it with dignity.

Invited Experts

Andrew Wasser

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, crisis, and addiction specialist providing therapy for couples, families, and individuals. Andrew has worked in several mental hospitals and treatment facilities in California. His innovative approach has made a difference in the lives of many clients.

Andrew will help you develop your awareness so that you can identify, accept, and, as a result, get rid of your destructive patterns and habits that prevent you from getting the life you want.

Romi Rivera

Certified Pilates Instructor whose workouts were featured in L.A. Weekly, ballerina, and founder of Ballet Bodies Studio.

Romi will make sure that physical activity positively affects both your body and spiritual welfare. Her exercises will help you order your thoughts, take your mind off things, and energize you to move on to the next chapter.

Jason Crowley

Financial Analyst (CDFA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Forbes Councils Member and author, founder of Survive Divorce, managing partner of Divorce Capital Planning, and co-founder of Divorce Mortgage Advisors.

Jason will take care of your new chapter's financial aspect and provide expert advice on short and long-term financial planning, managing your budget, splitting stock options, and other personal finance matters.

Julie Naylon

Founder and mastermind of No Wire Hangers Professional Organizing, laureate of “The Green Award, Most Eco-Friendly Organizer” by the National Organization of Professional Organizers Los Angeles.

As an advocate of order and an environment-friendly lifestyle promoter, Julia will show you how to eliminate the clutter and mess in your living space that affects your thinking and hinders your development.

Natalia Benson

Women's empowerment trainer, modern mystic, and astrologer who has rocked the worlds of over 2,000 clients from different countries.

Natalia will help you integrate the spirit world with tangible, practical tools competently to achieve prosperity, wellness, and well-being in your daily life.

Jen Giamo

MA in Nutrition Education, Certified Personal Trainer, creator of fitness programs for Fortune 500 companies, founder of fitness consulting company Trainers in Transit, and divorcee who found a path to healing in yoga after a breakup.

Jen will provide valuable guidance on nutrition and mindful eating and practical advice on overcoming difficulties on the way to a new stage in life.

Dr. Jenn Mann

One of the most respected female psychologists in the United States, author of four books, a leading therapist of popular TV shows, a columnist for Los Angeles Family Magazine, member of the Parents Magazine Advisory Board.

In this series, Jen will help you identify the true cause of your divorce, analyze your family patterns, understand your scenarios when choosing partners and free you from them to build healthy and harmonious relationships in the future.

Anne Hodder-Shipp

Renowned makeup artist in Hollywood trusted by top celebrities such as Pink, David Beckham, Emma Roberts, and Olivia Holt, ambassador for global brands such as Jimmy Chu, Paul Mitchell, H&M, and Armani, a contributor to fashion blogs and magazines.

Amy will disclose the secrets and tricks of self-care without breaking the budget and give valuable instructions for revising your cosmetic bag and wardrobe. These small steps can help you renew your love for yourself after a tough breakup.

Dr. Danielle Delaney

Doctor of Theology, certified interventionist, successful entrepreneur, author, and co-author of medical journals.

Danielle will help you create your elevator pitch to sort out your mental condition, attitudes, and feelings at the current stage of life, realize your new self, and convey it to others.

Elizabeth Winkler

MSc in Counseling Psychology, Licensed Family Therapist, founder of the Heart Surgery Kit, and an advocate of personalized therapy for each client.

Elizabeth will show you mindfulness-raising techniques and teach you simple yet effective mantras for keeping temper in stressful situations and critically evaluating your judgments.

Angela Setters Bessard

Credit trailblazer, founder of Conquer Credit Management, influential speaker, and advocate for nonprofits.

Thanks to Angela, you will look at credit as a powerful investment tool, learn how to recover from bankruptcy related to divorce, and find out how to protect your personal and credit information from your ex-spouse.

Amy Oresman

Founder and principal educator at Everyone Deserves Sex Ed (EDSE), founder of sex-positive marketing and public relations firm Hodder Media Inc, multi-certified relationship and sex educator.

Ann will share valuable tips for restoring an intimate life, relaunching sex drive after divorce, online dating, and creating dating site profiles.

You are the only author and protagonist of your story, and only you decide what awaits you in the new chapter.

OnlineDivorce reviews

Jeremy G.

“A couple of months ago, I was broken after my divorce and did not understand how to move on. This video series became the compass that showed me the way to a new life. Thank you!”

Fred H.

“Thanks to this course, I stopped focusing on the negative aspects of divorce and feeling sorry for myself. I realized that only I could alter my life for the better. And these expert tips helped me take the first vital steps.”

Helen R.

“I am proud that I choose to follow the advice of Laura and the other experts from this video series. They pulled me out of the rut I was in after my divorce and helped me resume a normal life where there is still room for happiness.”

Emili W.

“This video series helped me let go of my past and analyze it to draw important lessons. Now I clearly understand my mistakes and know how to avoid them in the future. Thanks to all the speakers for their contributions!”

Alex M.

“When watching this course, it felt like each expert knew my exact thoughts, fears, and experiences I had been holding in since my divorce. These are real professionals who gave me a second wind.”

Marry L.

“For me, the best part of this course was the Workbook. It gave me a definite action plan, which is what I was missing in the chaos of my post-divorce life. Today I turned from an exhausted and confused person into one who controls my life and makes plans for the future.”