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A Co-Parenting Program for Divorcing and Separating Parents.

Are you required by the court to take a parenting class? We’ve got your back!
If you have not yet been ordered by the judge to take a parenting class, this can still be mandatory in your state.
Even if not required by your state, you and your children may benefit from you and your spouse taking this co-parenting online course.
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"Children in Between" is a low-cost, online, award-winning class that instantly gives you the certificate you need to finalize your divorce.

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A Co-Parenting Program With Proven Results

Divorce can be hard on your children. When parents are going through a divorce, often their children experience problems like:

  • school absences
  • stress
  • more doctor visits

"Children in Between" has delivered proven results for families and children including:

30% to 53%
reduction in parental conflict
fewer school absences
fewer physician visits
reduction in child reported stress
reduction in parental conflict30% to 53%
fewer school absences70%
fewer physician visits54%
reduction in child reported stress22%
Cost: $89.95 per spouse
You can either get a parenting class only for yourself or you can also add-on one for your spouse. However the class is for an individual and you can not share.
* Certain counties have slightly different course fees.
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100% online course

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To take the class, you will need:

  • Access to the internet
  • A current email address
  • A google chrome web browser
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For 25 years, delivering parenting classes that reduce the strain of divorce on couples and their children.

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For 22 years delivering tools that help people get a quicker and stress-free divorce while saving money in the process.

What Children in Between clients are saying

"This was a very thorough course. I wish my parents were ordered to take this course when I was a child"

Children in Between client

"It would have prevented much of the stress and anxiety I felt as a child. This is very helpful for me and future parents. Very thorough and inclusive"

Children in Between client